Welcome To My Blog

Welcome To My Blog

Day 01: The Journey to the Center of KPOP

Hello! Welcome to my first ever post on my blog! I was thinking about what I should write about but then I thought,what better way to start off than to start from the beginning? This is my journey to the center of Kpop. Hope you enjoy! and who knows? Maybe it will be the same as yours. Ready? let us begin.

In my life, I think I was introduced to Kpop at least 3 times, and it was the third time where I actually became a fan of it. I still look back and laugh at myself, because they were all introduced to me by someone or something.

I think the first Kpop song that was shown to me was Girl's Generation "I Got A Boy". Not a bad song and MV to start with in my opinion. I hate to admit it but Kpop was first introduced to me by my sister. I was still in my boy group phase, where I was kind of obsessed with One Direction (still am) and to be honest the whole "in a fandom" thing was still relatively new to me. Anyways, I guess someone showed my sister the MV and she thought it was super cool so she showed it to me.

Like I said I was still in my boy band phase, key-word BOY BAND. I didn't really like girl bands that much, and when she showed a girl group that didn't even speak English... yeah I wasn't that eager to watch the video. Throughout the entire video, I remember wondering why there were so many members in that group. My sister explained how music in Korea was different to music here in North America, and I thought it was pretty cool. It was good music, and the artists were crazy talented. When the video ended, we talked about the video and that was the end of it. I sometimes caught myself humming the song, but everything else was the same. I carried on with my life fangirling over One Direction etc etc.

The second song that was introduced to me was Hyuna's "Bubble Pop", and it was from this match- making show my parents would watch every day. I remember how my family would judge the girls in the show. It was some pretty epic roasting, and hilarious to listen to. I actually never knew that the song was in Korean, in my ears it sounded like Chinese. It was mostly because I couldn't hear the lyrics due to the noise in my house. I remember thinking that the song was really catchy, and when the song came on I would sing along making up random words that sounded right. I think I finally realized that the song was in Korean when I was in middle school. I was humming the song while I was in class and my friend recognized the song and told me the title and artist. I was shocked, but I didn't show it. I was all "Yeah, I know. Do you like her? I love her!" Let me just say that it was probably the worst thing I could have done. I didn't know anything and it was just a mess. Thank god she didn't catch my bluff.

Moving on...

The third time I was introduced to Kpop was my first year in High School. I have evolved from my One Direction boy band phase, and I was listening to new music. At that point, I started to listen to Fall Out Boy, The Cab and loads more. I also was a huge anime fan, but that's for another story...

I was in one of the school's clubs "Anime Guild" A.K.A Anime club. I know it's nerdy but it was my first year in High School and I was so excited to hear that there was more of "my kind of people". For one of the club activities, we had to do this dance to a Kpop song called "Like a Cat" by AOA. I remember how we would practice after school, and how we had the dance memorized to the point that we could hear the song and do the dance in our position from a mile away.  A lot of my friends were really big Kpop fans. They showed me BTS and honestly I fell in love at first sight. I loved their style, their music everything about them. I made it my job to remember and recognize their faces and names by the end of that week.

I was only maybe a foot into the Kpop world, but that one day, my friend introduced me to EXO. You can just say my ovaries exploded. *Boom Pregnant* Like damn they were gorgeous. I fell for EXO harder than I fell for BTS and One Direction combined. I learned their names in that one day, watched all their MVs, did my research, and downloaded all their songs onto my phone in that one week. I was obsessed. At that moment I knew that I was going to be surfing the Hallyu wave like my life depended on it.

I think from that point on I just started to really love Korean Culture. I started watching KDrama's (I watched them before but I enjoy them more now), and I started to discover more groups.

Kpop just started to become part of my life. Some people say that it's just a phase, but I'm starting to think that it's for life.

Well, that's the end of it. I hope you enjoyed my story. Is your story similar to mine? Thank you for visiting my blog. I'll see you guys on Day 02.


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