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Welcome To My Blog

Day 02: Unboxing + Review - (화양연화) The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever

Hey guys!!! Welcome to Day 2 of my blog!! As you can see from the title, this post is going to be a unboxing, my FIRST UNBOXING and REVIEW!!! Buying a KPOP album isn't just about buying the CD. It's about the Content, the packaging, the photo card, the list goes on! That is why I decided to help you guys out and give you my verdict on BTS's Young Forever. I'm beyond excited to share this experience with you, so get comfy. Are you ready? Let us begin.

If I were a teacher grading this, the album artwork would be hands down an A+.  The design is artistic and aesthetic, in the simplest way. I bought the day time version because I adore the concept pictures for this version, although I do also love the night time version pictures as well. Having an awesome album jacket is essential when I go album shopping and Young Forever passes that criteria with a capital P for Perfection! Props to BigHit!!

Beautiful right?

CONTENT  ★★★★★
After ripping off that dreadful plastic wrapping, I was tempted to just rip open the box and cry in joy, but of course I didn't. I carefully shook out the contents inside the box, and I was left with a pleasant surprise. The box contains three things (4 counting the photo card):
  1. The CD's (1 & 2) 
  2. The Photobook

IT CAME WITH A POSTER!!!! The poster was the picture of the hot air balloon but bigger, and it was huge. I don't know what kind of sacred paper they used to make it, but the poster feels amazing! I still haven't decided on where I want to display it, but I know it'll look fantastic wherever I put it.

The thing I love about this album is how well put together it is. Unlike most albums where the CD is attached to the cover, in Young Forever the two CD's are placed on a separate cardboard piece. I'm not so sure about the safety of the CD's, considering how easy it is to scratch the surface. I was thinking to just place the CD's in a case, and hang up the CD holder which has a beautiful picture of the hot air balloon. Although I'm not so gung-ho about the safety of the actual CD, I'm quite satisfied with the packaging overall. Points for creativity!

I haven't gotten the chance to thoroughly look through the photobook, but flipping and skimming through the book, the pictures look quite nice. The book was hardcover (already had me at hard cover) and the pictures looked evenly distributed. I saw just as many Rap Monster's as Jungkook! There was one thing I noticed when I first opened the package. The photo card was nowhere to be seen. After having a tiny panic attack, I finally found it. I was left with another delightful surprise. The TWO beautiful photo cards were hiding between the pages with a picture of Rap Mon. (Did you notice the caps on the two?) Yes, there were two photo cards, one of our sexy V and adorable golden maknae, Jungkook!!  BTS knows how to make their fans happy, and this album is the perfect example of how they do just that. Another thumbs up for BigHit!

Me at the moment:

MUSIC ★★★★★
One of the sole reasons why I love BTS is because of their music. Each member has such a beautiful unique talent that makes BTS such a successful group. Not only are their lyrics meaningful, but also each member has such powerful vocals. This album showcases BTS's powerful vocals, amazing raps and just how talented BTS is. This album screams their capability to make awesome music.

For this album, I actually did do a full listen to each song, but here's the thing about purchasing this album. This album has a combination of both Pt 1 and Pt 2. Money wise it might not make sense for someone who has both albums to buy this album, and here's the reason why.

The songs in both of the CD's consists of almost all of the songs in Pt 1 and Pt 2 and honestly speaking, most of the remixes sound similar to the original song. I was very iffy about the remixes when I saw them on the track list because remixes are either hit or miss for me. After doing a full listen I noticed some things that were different from the original song, and some similar as well. For example, the alternative mixes for both RUN and Butterfly literally sound the same. The other remixes actually sounded pretty cool, I really enjoyed the RUN ballad, I NEED U urban mix and the Butterfly Prologue Mix. I didn't quite like the I NEED U remix, but that's just my own preferences. 

Another reason why it isn't a great choice for someone who has Pt 1 and Pt 2, is because the only new songs you get are FIRE, SAVE ME, and EPILOGUE: YOUNG FOREVER. Yes, all those songs are beautifully made and will likely give you a ear-gasm, but buying an entire album for only three songs? Personally, I think someone with Pt 1 and Pt 2, are better off just purchasing the three songs separately on iTunes, are simply using Spotify or some other music player. I don't think having the remixes are totally worth the entire purchase if you just want a few songs.

I only have Pt 2, so for me financial wise, I thought I would benefit from this purchase because I get Pt 1 and the new songs rolled up into a beautiful album. In the end of the day, I guess it is still your choice on whether or not you want to spend the extra bucks to buy the entire album. I don't think it's a huge loss, but there are some downsides. 

Yes, a solid 5/5 stars for Young Forever. This album has all the things a KPOP fan and an ARMY needs. It's well put together, the content makes all ARMY's cry in joy, and the music is so well composed I can't help but squeal in happiness. I definitely would recommend, and it's worth the purchase too! A round of applause to BigHit! Bravo. 

So that's my final virdect! If you liked my unboxing and review please share it. Spread the knowledge! I hoped you enjoyed it, thank you for visting my blog. I'll see everyone in Day 3!!


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