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Day 03: Review - ASTRO 숨가빠(Breathless) M/V

Hey guys!!! Welcome to Day 03 of my blog! This post is going to be a review on one of my favourite debut groups this year. I fell in love with Astro before they even released their debut song, Hide And Seek. I absolutely adored their first mini album, so you can guess how excited I was when I saw the announcement for their second mini album. I was ecstatic when the actual MV came out, and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you guys. So sit tight and bust out your most comfortable pair of sweats, and let's analyze Astro's much-anticipated comeback!! Are you ready? Let us begin.

After my second watch of the video (I got distracted by my adorable bias during my first watch), I think I got the gist of what Astro wanted to show us. Although there are some things I still question, for example, the reason for the goose or duck? I think overall the concept was pretty obvious. What I came up with, was that the members of the group were those cute orange/blue bottles that the girl carried around. Whatever the girl did to the bottles, such as swinging them around, it would affect the members. It's actually pretty similar to their first MV, where the members and the girl were aware of each other and their actions affected one another. The two MV's have the same element to it, but it has a slightly different feeling. I think it's because they've matured since their debut, and now they're much more confident. I was confused at some scenes during the video, for example, the hammock and campfire scene. I didn't understand what was happening, and I still haven't fully grasped the reason behind it. All in all, despite some misunderstandings, I really liked this concept, and I think it fit really well with the song especially with the lighthearted mood in the MV.

Astro went for that summer vibe, and that's exactly the kind of vibe I got from the video. If the beach setting wasn't evident enough then it was the bright pastel colours. Right from the start, it already had a very laid back kind of feeling to it. I'm all for that crisp clear look, with the splashes of bright colours. The video kept my interest and my eyes followed along smoothly, as the video played. Another thing I really liked about the production, was the creative aspect to it. As a debut group, I was super impressed with the production value. The transitions were fluid and the camera angles were very cleverly placed, such as the hammock scene where it looked like they were hanging from that net. Also, when the camera was placed panning upwards, showing the perspective of the members looking at the girl. The members looked great, and the fashion was on point. I couldn't help but giggle at how silly they were and that just made my fan-girl heart soar in happiness. The small snippets of the choreography they revealed were so intriguing (and holy cow did you see how many squats they had to endure!!) I wanted so badly to see the whole thing. I guess we'll just have to wait for a performance or dance practice. Overall it was a very well produced video. I applaud the producers and editors.


I am kind of out my element here, considering the fact that I don't speak Korean -

Can I Get An Amen From All The International Fans?

But with the help of my friend called Google (you have a friend named Google too? wow what a small world.) I tried to find the English lyrics for the song. After a thorough read of the lyrics, it was both what I expected but at the same time, it wasn't. I already guessed from the title that it was going to be a cute love song, but after looking at the MV I had to reconsider my guess. The lyrics suggest that it's about how a girl leaves someone in awe, leaves them "breathless".  I guess it's the typical "girl plays hard to get, and the boy tries to get her" it's cute and cliche, not a horrible mix but not the most original either. The chorus of the song goes along the lines of
"I'm breathless, you've taken my breath away. It's like a dream, I can't snap out of it. I'm breathless, not enough of oxygen . Pretty girl, what have you done to me?"  -(https://popgasa.com/2016/06/30/astro-breathless-숨가빠/)
It's alright and again I don't hate it, it's cute and straightforward. While I was reading the lyrics, I tried to see the connection between the song and MV. I can see what they're trying to convey, but it's not completely clear. The song it catchy, and overall just a super awesome summer jam (literally, I'm playing it on repeat...).  This song's got my stamp of approval, congrats Astro.

TOTAL SCORE ★★★★ 4.5/5
A whopping score of 4.5 stars out of 5. Congratulations to Astro!! I honestly really like them and I hope they become a successful group in the future. I wish them luck on their comeback, Astro fighting!!! As for the song I truly liked it, and I'm looking forward to the album and other MV releases!

I hoped you enjoyed my review. Did I cover everything? Was my rating similar to yours? Comment below  your rating!! I'll see everyone on Day 4!!


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