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Welcome To My Blog

Day 05: Top 10 Books I've Added To My TBR List

Hey guys welcome to Day 05 of my blog! I've been in a huge book slump for a while and school is not helping my case. However, even if I'm currently in this cursed book slump, that doesn't stop me from looking for books to read. Here is the Top 10 Books I've Added To My TBR list!! Hope you enjoy! Are you ready? Let us begin.
#10 A Thousand Boy Kisses By: Tillie Cole
 I've been dying to read a sweet, romantic contemporary, and I think this might be the one! Plus look at this cutetastic cover!
#9 Attachments By Rainbow Rowell 
If we're talking contemporary, we can't forget Rainbow Rowell. I've been dying to get my hands on this book!
 #8 Me And Earl And The Dying Girl By: Jesse Andrews
Of course, after the sweet lovy-dovy stuff, we need the tear jerkers that will give us a major cry-fest. I hope you saved your tissues from when you read TFIOS and Me Before You.
#7 Furthermore By: Tahereh Mafi
Enough of those contemporary, let's get into the good stuff. I read the synopsis for this and I knew I had to add it to my list!
#6 The Final Empire By: Brandon Sanderson
I'm not gonna lie, this gave me really strong Percy Jackson vibes! This looks like an epic adventure, and I'm so ready to delve into the world!
#5 Cruel Beauty By: Rosamund Hodge
I came across this book, when I was scrolling through my Goodreads and I just couldn't resist pressing that green button. I mean just look at it!
#4 Unchained By: J Lynn
It's Jennifer L Armentrout, need I say more? Angels? Nephilim?  I'm down.
#3 The Night Circus By Erin Morganstern 
Normally I wouldn't have even looked twice at books likes this, because I'm not going to lie I thought this was a horror book and I can't do those. But something told me to click it and boy was I wrong to judge so quickly! Can't wait to read it!
#2 The Sun Is Also A Star By: Nicola Yoon
I know I said I was past the lovy-dovy books, but I just had too. I mean the title, the cover just everything about it. It's calling to my romantic side.
#1 Heartless By Marissa Meyer 
Do I even need a reason for this one? I can't even express how excited I am to read this! I love Marissa's Characters, stories everything about her books! I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

So many books, so little time... *sigh* well I hope you liked my list, what's on your list? Comment below!! I'll see everyone in Day 06!!

PS This post was inspired by The Broke and Bookish! Check them out!!

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