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Day 08: My 2016 Favs [2016 Wrap Up]

Happy Holidays everyone!!! I hope you have a fantastic holiday with your friends and family!!! Anyways, 2016 is coming to an end and that means it's time to compile my 2016 wrap-up list! It was hard deciding which ones to put on this list, because believe me there were so many great shows, books, and music this year! (Please excuse the contantly changing banners, I'm still trying to find a style that I like) Are you ready? Let us begin.

 I've read so many good books this year, but the authors that left a lasting impression was definitely Sarah J Maas, and Marissa Meyer.


A Court of Thorns and Roses easily became one of favourite books of all times. It has everything a fantasy lover needs. Be ready for a book slump for this one.


I loved, loved, LOVED this series and even though I did put the series on hold for a year, I'm so glad that I found time to finish the series, it's definitely worth the read and hype!!


This year was full of new debuts and comebacks, and it was so hard to choose but these groups/artist definitely stood out to me!!

BTS has been slaying the music industry this past year, with their "Most Beautiful Moment In Life" albums, Young Forever, and finally Wings. I might as well add Suga's fire mixtape as well, he totally slayed that mixtape and made me fall in love with him even more (he's my bias). The boys worked hard and the hard work paid off!! Their music just keeps on getting better, and I swear each purchase it worth every cent!! BTS fighting in 2017 :)
EXO has been known to put out some of the best music in the industry and they totally blew me and the fans away with their comebacks with, Monster, Lucky One, Lotto, and surprising us with their winter album For You. Though I didn't particularly like Lotto, it didn't affect the rest of the album! CBX is probably one my favourite sub units (and it's not only because it includes my bias). Their music is so good and their voices sound so good together, Hey Mama was my jam in 2016 :)

 Seventeen left a very lasting impression last year and they totally slayed 2016. With Pretty U, Very Nice, Healing, and their latest comeback BOOM BOOM. I love seventeen for their amazing vocals and mind blowing choreography. I can't wait to see what Seventeen will produce in 2017, I'm excited!!!
Anime & Manga

I haven't had the chance to watch or read lots of anime or manga, but the few that I did get a chance to read and watch were very memorable.
This anime and manga was so good, it had me staying up until the morning. I binged this so hard, that I finished the anime and manga in almost a week. I loved the characters, the plot, just everything about it. I definitely recommend to all you anime fans :)
 This anime is probably one of the most beautiful and saddest animes ever. I loved the soundtrack and everything about this anime is just so real and beautiful. This one's a tear jerker, have tissues.
 This is probably the best produced Kdrama I've ever watched. Not only was the acting really good, but the plot made sense. Super funny, super adorable, super sad, super AMAZING!!Definetly watch if your looking for a good show to watch.
Where do I even begin with this one? This is not only heartbreaking, but it's just so good. This is for people who are fans of action, comedy, romance and everything only a Kdrama will offer. 
These some of my other favs that totally deserved the hype in 2016!!
Outlander - Book
Me Before You - Book
Monsta X - Kpop
BAP - Kpop
Mamamoo - Kpop
BlackPink - Kpop
BigBang - Kpop
Red Velvet - Kpop
7 Deadly Sins - Anime
One Piece - Anime

Thumping Spike - Kdrama
Watcha Wearin - Kdrama

And that's a wrap! It's the end of 2016!! I know this year was filled with many sad events, but I hope in some point in your year you were able to take a good memory to 2017. I hope you enjoy this post and I'll see ya'll in 2017 on Day 09 :) 

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