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Day 16: Review [Anime] *SPOILER FREE* - Akatsuki No Yona

Welcome to Day 16 of my blog!!! This is going to be my first anime review, and I'm so excited to do the review on Akatsuki No Yona. This anime was honestly so great, and I can't wait to delve into the review! So let's get to it! Are you ready? Let us begin.
CHARACTERS 5/5 ★★★★★
I'll be honest I searched up this anime because I saw a picture of Hak on Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I love him for his other qualities too (but it helps that he's a total hottie XD). I loved the character development, and I loved how unique the characters were. Every one of the characters was so memorable and there's something about them that makes them so irresistible. All the characters are thought out so cleverly and have such amazing back stories.They each have something about them that kept drawing me in and before I knew it I was bingeing this until I saw the sunrise.

*Only did the main characters excluding Soo Won*

YONA is probably one of the strongest and most courageous characters I know. She's totally bad*ss with her bow and arrow, flaming red hair, and piercing eyes. The thing I love the most about her character is that she's one of those characters who are cute but can totally kick*ss too. That fact that she was a spoiled princess in the beginning, makes everything she does even more powerful. Throughout the story, she learns new things and experiences things that are heartbreaking, and even though she is scared, clueless, and beyond helpless she still finds the courage to work past her struggles and hardships. I admire her strength and that makes her such a memorable and strong character to me.

HAK is one those male leads who has that strong and cold demeanor, but when you find out he actually has feelings, he's rather adorable. He's very wise, and even though he acts as if he doesn't care about anything he secretly does. He's a very strong main lead, not just because his character is portrayed as the strongest soldier, but because his personality speaks louder than his actions.

SHIN AH is... mysterious, loyal, strong, courageous, and... beautiful. He's one those characters who is almost completely silent throughout the entire anime, but his actions definitely speak louder than his words. His back story made me have a soft spot for him, he went through so much and I think that makes him so strong to me. He's totally adorable even though his character is portrayed as a dangerous and scary character. I think I was so drawn to his character because of his power or "gift" which I find really cool but cruel for Shin Ah (you'll know when you watch it) ;).

KIJA is, aside from Yona, was spoiled the hell out of. He was raised in a loving family compared to the other dragons, but although he is spoiled I think he holds the most pressure. All his life he's been told that his existence to the world was to protect and serve the red dragon king. He's strong and powerful, but I think his most defining trait is his big heart. He's extremely loyal and clueless, but it's just so adorable *kyah*.

YOON has a very distinctive motherly complex. He's also very competent, and his competence is showcased many times throughout the anime. He's extremely irritable and sassy, but he's actually a huge softy. He's a very strong character because of his intelligence, and because of his past.

JAE HA's character oozes vanity and confidence. His character reminds me a lot of Tamaki from Ouran Host club. He has a rather cold aura around him despite his confidence and openness. He is very hostile towards Yona in the beginning, but he is only so harsh because of his past. He wants to be free, but he also wants to belong somewhere. His gift fits his character very well. Although he is portrayed as a narcissist, he's actually very loyal and selfless.

ZENO is so precious. Despite his appearance, he's actually very wise (watch the anime to find out why). His gift fits his personality very well because he looks very weak but his personality doesn't fit the front lines in the battle. His personality fits more on the defensive side, and that's what his gift does. He's very funny and makes a really good comic relief.
PLOT ★★★★★
The plot follows a spoiled princess whose life is turned upside down when the guy she thought she knew is the total opposite of what she thought. After some horrifying events, and even more terrifying truths she is forced into hiding with her royal guard. She is now thrust into the real world outside of her safe palace grounds, into the wilderness. She is forced to adapt to the wild but it's hard when her entire kingdom is after her. After the meeting with a very powerful high priest, she is set on a new quest to take back the crown that is rightfully hers but she needs help. That's when the Legend of the King Hiryuu comes in. A very old legend of an old king and his trusty four dragon warriors. She must find and recruit all four dragons before her beloved kingdom falls under the hands of the man she once loved. Along the journey, she discovers what her kingdom really is, and the truth shatters all her beliefs.
There are two types of pain. PAIN that hurts you, and PAIN that changes you.

When I say good, I mean mind blowing good. It had such a perfect mix of suspense and development, I just couldn't get enough of it. I loved how perfectly the characters intertwined with the entire plot and how much you can see Yona grow and mature from a clueless Princess to a strong independent woman. Honestly, I don't think Yona was ever weak. She was always so strong and although she was a princess she went through so much in her childhood, and most of all she has the purest heart.

The progression of their journey was also very enjoyable. The kingdom was very interesting and I loved the elements concept with the kingdom. I found it very interesting, and I have to say the Wind Tribe are my kind of people XD

"We live only as the wind blows."
One of the million things I loved about this anime is the artwork and animation. The style is so appealing and suits the anime very well. I thought it was very well produced, in terms of sound effects, and animation. The voices were on point and all body proportions are accurate (unlike some animes XD). I'm sorry, I'm not an expert in this so I probably have no idea what I'm talking about but that's what I thought while I was watching it. One aspect I really enjoyed was how they would pull the characters out of their scene and swap to chibi versions. I thought it was hilarious and very cute.

In my world, this anime broke my scale XD But to stay professional I give it a perfect score out of 5 stars. I wish there was a second season, I need more!! I'm currently reading the manga at the moment but updates are pretty slow :( I already miss the characters. I have heard talk about a second season but I'm telling meself not to get my hopes up, my inner Otaku knows that there won't be a second season *sighs*.
I hope you liked my review for Akatsuki No Yona! I really do recommend this anime to all you anime lovers and non-anime watchers alike :) Well that wraps up this post! I'll see you guys on Day 17! What is your favourite anime? What element do you think you belong in? Comment below your thoughts!!

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